dijous, 8 de setembre de 2016

Partly sunny 21°C in MK

Wow time passes so fast and we cannot believe that our time in England is already over.
In our last week we continued our activities with Church Without Walls. On Saturday evening we celebrated together with the community a party, enjoying a lot of food, laughter and for sure dancing together! A part from that there was a moment to reflect on what Church Without Walls is about and where they want to go in the future.

A special moment for us was the Sunday morning eucharist which we lead in Taizé style together Keith. It was a pleasure for us that Anthony could join the prayer.

Finally we managed to visit Milton Keynes with Anthony who showed us around and shared a great trip when we went to Turvey, a monastery nearby, singing Simon and Garfunkel songs together in the car. :)

As we had more free time in this week, we went to London, discovered new places like a café in a church and had a lovely time there.

Now, we are looking forward to our last prayer this evening, which we prepared with a lot of love and at the same time we are sad about it, because it means we have to say goodbye to all the amazing people we met.
This month has been a great oppurtunity for us to learn about life in community. It enriched us in an unexpected way and we realised that sometimes, in very special moments, just being is enough to make ourselves and people around us happy.
We give thanks from our heart to ...
...Ruth, for her positive energy and always, although being very busy, taking care of us,
... Anthony, for his incredible warm welcome, for his joy of live and for his love to music he shared with us,
... Keith, for great deep talks from which we took a lot of new knowledge and for sharing with us good food and the passion for wine,
... all the families and members of Church Without Walls as much as the St. Michael's Priory for welcoming us various times, joining our prayers and sharing their experience, ideas and feelings.


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