dimecres, 31 d’agost de 2016

Clear 18˚C in MK

Hello guys! We're going to tell you some more of the things we did during the last days.
We had a very nice tea princess party in Ruth's garden. Some people brought very tasty cakes. Old and young enjoyed the afternoon chatting and sharing with the others. It was a charity event where we collected 400£ to donate it to a children's association.

We had the great chance to go to Greenbelt, a very important Christian festival in the UK. The idea of Greenbelt is not only sharing about Christian believe but about what is happening in the world in a political, environmental, spiritual way that we experienced through participating in very interesting talks. A part from that we listened to good music and were impressed by spectacular performances. 

It was very sad to leave after the last concert. The band Hope&Social invited people from the festival to join them on the stage. In the last song there were about 40 people singing and playing instruments. It was a very touching moment as everybody could feel the joy of the artists, professionals and amateurs.

We are very thankful for everybody that made it possible. We really enjoyed this experience.

During this busy weekend we came back for some hours to experience another way of celebrating Sunday mass, the Forest Church. We met in St Michael's Priory to have breakfast and for a short prayer and afterwards we went to do a nice walk where we even saw some deers. We really liked the idea of meeting the community outside in the nature.

Wow, more than half of our stay has already past. It has been only two weeks but we feel like part of the communities. Although the people we meet are very diverse and come from different backgrounds, it is a pleasure to see how the young community grows with them and how everybody grows with in the community. For sure, there are some difficulties in creating something that suits everybody's needs.
This gives us an example of how different they live religion from what we knew before. 
It is difficult for us to put into words what we are living here and express our joy of meeting these welcoming persons. Being invited to families to share their lunch, knitting and eating soup with old ladies and men, praying with anyone who finds his way to our little church, all this is making our stay more colorful and is a real enrichment for us.
Especially in this new area, we realised how important a community is, in which you can feel part of something.
We are glad to continue learning more during our last week here.

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