dimarts, 16 d’agost de 2016

We arrived!

Hello everyone!! We are happy to star officially the blog. That means that our adventure has begun.
After spending a week in Taizé...
On Saturday, after a long journey,  we arrived at St Michael's Priory in Milton Keynes where we will be living the next month. 
They welcomed us very warmly. The house is in a very beautiful and silent environment. For the moment it has been sunny and warm, we are happy; specially our Spanish friend.

On Sunday we started our work with Church Without Walls joining their Dinner Church. CWW is a new community lead by Ruth, a very active and engaged priest. She is bringing the church closer to the people by doing a lot of different activities. For example Dinner Church that is a moment of gathering and sharing food, prayer and talks.

This is the church of St Lawrence, where we celebrate our midday Taizé prayers. Everybody is invited to join us in the short break of our busy life to have a moment of prayer and silence.
We, as volunteers, prepare and lead the midday prayers. In the morning and in the evening we join the prayers in St Michael.

We are happy to be here and we will soon share more about our stay!

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