dissabte, 20 d’agost de 2016

Mist 15˚C in Milton Keynes

Wooow! Today it's been one week since we are here, and we had enough time to do a lot of activities and to meet many great people!

On Wednesday we joined the Fairytale Picnic in Broughton School. We were about 150 people!! Lots of children were dressed up as princesses and superheroes. We were also princesses!!

We helped children to do some nice crafts such as crowns, shields and wands. Moreover there was a nice corner with a story teller, Ruth, which children liked a lot!

We even had to lead the midday prayer with our costumes on!! It was a funny and sunny day and we enjoyed our time.

In the evening we participate in Sacred Space, a moment of silence and meditation. We were few people but it was a good moment to find some peace and to think about our busy day.

On Thursday we went to Ruth's house where some mothers gather to share some reflections about their faith and a little prayer. We looked after their children but we also had the opportunity to talk with them. As the theme was the prayer Ruth showed them a little video about Taizé. They were very interested and we were happy to answer a few questions about it.

In the middle of the week Anthony, the prior of St Michael, the place where we are staying, arrived and we were happy to finally meet him. We had a good and informative talk together. He gave us some work to do in the house and we are glad to collaborate with the community.

In the end of the week we had some new people in St Lawrence, we welcome everyone who want to take part in our midday prayers.

We are enjoying the beautiful surroundings. During our cycling routine we are delighted by the wonderful landscape.

Have a nice weekend!

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