dimecres, 24 d’agost de 2016

Shower 21˚C in MK

Hello! It's us again! We had a great weekend as we went to.....
Keith and his wife Chris brought us to visit Cambridge on Saturday. Keith is a priest and he collaborates with Church Without Walls and he studied and taught for several years in the University of Cambridge. So we had the best guide, who not only told us funny stories about life in Cambridge but also showed us secret places.

We went inside of Trinity College and Jesus College and we saw their dinning rooms and their beautiful chapels, that were actually churches. In Cambridge there's a funny tradition to go on the river Cam by punting. After we enjoyed our walks through the city we end up in the famous pub The Eagle, where the structure of the DNA was discovered.
We are very thankful to Keith and Chris for the amazing day we spent together.
Very close to the place we are living there is a Buddhist Temple. We had the possibility to join one of their prayers on Sunday morning. It was very different of what we know but still was very nice to discover a ritual from another religion.
After that we went to Café Church, one of the activities of CWW, a bit similar to Dinner Church. We met in the pub and while drinking and eating we shared a moment of prayer and reflection. We went to have lunch with a family from the community. We want to thank all the people who is welcoming us for a meal, we are very happy to share closer with some of you and we get to know better the community.

Every Monday we join the knitting club where we have nice conversation with the women.
On the 8th of September there will be a Taizé Prayer in the Priory in Willen. We already started to prepare it and we are excited about it.
Yesterday evening we did our first small prayer in the Priory. It was very intense as a lot of the people living here at the moment joint us in our prayer and songs. We are glad to bring the Taizé spirit also to St Michael.

And today we helped in the Family Fun Day. A lot of children came with their families to play and spend the day together. In the afternoon there was a space for families with children with special needs to come and play. We also had fun while doing crafts or looking after the children.
Thank you for reading us! See you soon!!

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